“I cannot recommend this new type of heart health monitoring enough.”

Patient experience

I have been living with high blood pressure for the past 2 years, whilst it is not particularly debilitating, it is a concern for me and my doctors. The stress of modern-day life.

I was prescribed Ramipril and Amlodipine for high blood pressure, however almost immediately my ankles started swelling and this was having a detrimental effect on my sporting activities. Ironically, it’s these activities that I know will naturally help to lower the blood pressure in conjunction with the prescribed drugs. My pharmacist suggested the Amlodipine could be the cause of the ankle swelling and I decided to pause taking them until I could discuss other options with my GP; they were that intrusive. The pharmacist also suggested regular cardiovascular screenings to monitor the effect of stopping the Amlodipine along with a small change in lifestyle, to which I agreed. 

I was astonished at the depth of information this new type of heart/blood pressure check revealed and the actual process took less than a minute. I could see on a daily basis how the stiffness of my arteries was affected by not taking Amlodipine and how my blood pressure started to increase within the first two days. 

I was unhappy to restart the Amlodipine after my week of monitoring and consulted my GP to discuss the options. At this stage I mentioned the voluntary monitoring program I had enrolled in and discussed the easily understandable results it presented me with (if a layperson can convey the information presented by the heart/blood pressure monitor in a manner which the GP can understand, that has to be good). My GP was intrigued by the device and I have sent them the weeks test results for the practice to peruse, and he agreed with the stopping of the Amlodipine.

A combination of a small change in lifestyle and the low dosage of Ramipril are having the desired effect and my blood pressure is now within the normal parameters. However, it was a direct result of the clearly understandable information the heart/blood pressure monitor provided me with that had me started on this lifestyle changing journey.

I cannot recommend this new type of heart health monitoring enough.

Simon Gibbons
Managing Director of Wessex Incentives Ltd.