New, non-invasive technology that allows hypertension to be understood, patients to be engaged and treatment to be approached in a preventative manner. Encouraging patients to take charge of their own health with the benefit of monitoring their progress.

Improving the assessment and management of hypertension

Medi-stats BP+ is the ideal cardiovascular research combination for the home, clinic or research laboratory. The BP+ replaces conventional and more widespread sub-systolic BP monitors, and is the emerging standard of care in hypertension, heart failure and vascular health. The BP+ provides a highly accurate and repeatable measurement of central and brachial blood pressure and pulse pressure waveforms for analysis (PWA) using a familiar upper arm cuff. The BP+ is simple to use and requires no complex training and has applications in hypertension, heart failure, intensive care, general practice and home care.

Compared to peripheral blood pressure, central BP more accurately represents the BP that affects the internal organs. Central BP also responds differently to treatment than conventional brachial BP. The BP+ also measures peripheral BP, arterial stiffness, augmentation index, pulse rate variability and performs central and peripheral Pulse Waveform Analysis (PWA). It has a major application in hypertension research and management, ranging from the ICU to home care.

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Hospital grade technology

Unique non-invasive screen

Educating and giving patients control

Latest cardiovascular technology

Data Capture


New income stream for Pharmacy

Instant access to patient data

Machine Learning for:
Computer-aided detection (CADe)

Computer-aided diagnosis (CADx)

Blockchain data security for
data portability


Relieve growing pressure on GP’s

Ensure medication is working (MUR’s)

Preventative not reactive

Reduced hospitalisations