“The BP+ platform promotes lifestyle choices and risk factors in a way that encourages patients to take ownership of their health.”

Patient experience

The data content that the portal generates enables a richer discussion with patients encouraging them to engage with the pharmacy team to understand health, wellness, and/or medication issues. Presentation of results is clear and intuitive. The colour-coded dashboard format encourages patient interaction. 

The BP+ platform promotes lifestyle choices and risk factors in a way that encourages patients to take ownership of their health. In our experience, routine monitoring clearly demonstrates the benefits of healthier lifestyle choices and/or medication.

Value-added tool

In comparison with standard methods of measuring cardiovascular health, the technology brings powerful non-invasive diagnostics into the community pharmacy setting, opening up a wide range of patient-focused services. There is an obvious fit with existing NHS models for new medicines, medicines use reviews, and health checks.

The greater depth of understanding that the BP+ platform brings can be applied to new models of care, potentially these could be NHS integrated pathways or on a private basis. Examples include: periodic monitoring of cardiovascular health (to support lifestyle or medication interventions), diagnosis of cardiovascular health where existing medication regimens are proving ineffective, early detection of cardiovascular risks (such as atrial fibrillation).

In my experience, patients quickly see the potential and see the pharmacy team as a trusted clinical resource. BP+ opens up opportunities to support patients in making decisions about their cardiovascular health and long-term conditions. It also opens up broader opportunities to support patients. Suddenly you are a valued resource being consulted seriously on a wide range of topics!

Improved interventions and patient outcomes

The depth and precision of the technology enables clarity of many issues. If it’s a new medicine, what’s the patients starting point (cardiovascular profile), how is the medicine expected to work, and how will we monitor progress? If there are unexpected consequences the technology will often show what’s happening and facilitate corrective action (via referral back to the GP).

If used as a routine part of any consultations with a cardiovascular component, there is the potential for early detection of new health risks such as AF or arterial disease. Indeed, we have had several examples of the detection of previously undiagnosed conditions requiring
prompt medical intervention.


By adding new dimensions to routine pharmacy services and interventions, the platform makes it clear how pharmacists can really make a difference – to support patients managing their health for the better. Better NMS, better MUR, better health checks. The platform also opens up opportunities for private services such as periodic monitoring and coaching of patients for improved health outcomes.

In the future NHS it will be essential that community pharmacy finds a role in integrated primary care to become a trusted and important part of the network. Platforms such as BP+ clearly establish a capability and expertise to make this happen. In the eyes of patients, pharmacists become a trusted resource within easy reach, and all sorts of opportunities open up to support their overall health and wellbeing. This can be in OTC/retail or other new services. 

I strongly encourage you to continue the development of BP+ platform.

Robin Mitchell
Director of Victoria Park Pharmacy